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No-Knit Scarf

Make your very own fashion statement! Use yarns, ribbon, specialty threads, strips of fabric, and whatever else you want to make a work of art you can wear. Bring your sewing machine, not your knitting needles.

CQ Complete Course of Quilting

This is the ultimate quilt course! The incomparable Annette will teach you everything you need to know about quilt making, including fabric selection, cutting, piecing by machine, pressing, set-ins, paper piecing, and so much more. You will make a sampler quilt incorporating all the major quilt techniques, and learn to sandwich, quilt, and bind your masterpiece. It is the perfect opportunity to start at the beginning and learn one step at a time. At the end, you will be able to say proudly, "I am a quilter!"

Groovy Boards and Pantographs for the Longarm

Use a Groovy Board or a pantograph to do edge to edge quilting. You will learn how to start and stop a row and how to match up the rows as you advance the quilt. Learn how to do a partial design to finish the bottom edge of the quilt.

Oct 18
CQ Complete Course of Quilting
Oct 19
The Art of Boro Stitching
Oct 19
The Larry Sheckman Show


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