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Handi Quilter Rental Program

Tired of wrestling with big quilts on your home machine? Tired of quilting by check? Finish your own quilts easily and quickly by renting time on a longarm at Capital Quilts! Prior to renting any machine, you’ll need to take a class on the use of the machine.





Learn the ins and outs of the longarm machine and the frame, how to set up for quilting a quilt, what proper tension is, and some basic quilting designs.




Review the structure, functions, and buttons of ProStitcher.  Learn how to do a basic edge-to-edge design.  Students must bring their own laptop that is able to download the simulator used during the class.





If you haven't rented within six months of taking the GETTING STARTED class or of your last rental, you must either retake the class or take a private 1-hour refresher course before renting again.


Fee for 1-hour refresher: $55




The Amara, and Moxie are available to rent. Rentals are by appointment.


Fee: $20/ hour, 2 hour minimum


If you are not sure how many hours it will take to do your quilting, please ask one of our quilting professionals at the shop.

Any changes to the booking, such as adding to or reducing the number of hours purchased, must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled session. This gives the shop time to change the calendar and contact another potential renter, if appropriate. Changes made within less than 48 hours of the rental session will be charged a $20 change fee.

If you are renting a machine for the first time, a staff member, whom we’ll call the “Mentor”, will stay with you to assist you at no cost. If the Mentor determines that you will need assistance during your second rental, a Mentor will stay with you, again at no cost to you. After two sessions, if mentoring is necessary, a mentoring fee of $25 per hour will be charged.

A toolkit will be provided to you for use during your rental. We will ask you to verify that all items are in the toolkit at the beginning of your rental and leave us your keys as collateral. At the end of your rental, please return the kit to a staffer at the register; the staffer will review the contents of the toolkit with you and return your keys.

The toolkit contains:
     a small screw driver for adjusting the tension
     an allen wrench for removing/replacing needles and feet
     a brush for cleaning the bobbin case area after every bobbin change
     an oil pen for oiling the bobbin assembly after every bobbin change
     a Glide foot

Capital Quilts includes Omni thread in the rental fee. Use of a brand of thread not sold by Capital Quilts must be approved by Capital Quilts. The amount of the rental fee will not be reduced if you do not use our thread.

Groovy boards are available for the Amara. If you want a Groovy Board not owned by Capital Quilts, you must request the purchase of the boards at least two weeks prior to the rental session to allow time for purchase and delivery. We reserve the right to not purchase the boards for shop ownership. You may pay for and keep the boards for your own.

Renters are responsible for providing their own pins, needles, bobbins, and bobbin cases.  All of these items are available for purchase at Capital Quilts.  You may either purchase your own leaders, or rent a set from Capital Quilts at $4.00 per hour.

Cancellation:  If you need to cancel your rental session, or reschedule for another day, 7 days notice is required.  Cancellations that meet this criteria will have a refund issued in the form of a store credit.










Fee: $50




Just want to come in and quilt? Let us wind your bobbins for you, load the quilt on the frame, establish proper tension, and thread the machine. Call the shop to make an appointment!




Your Responsibility: You must square-up and press your quilt top and backing. The top, backing, batting, leaders, pins, and empty bobbins must be delivered to the shop at least 24 hours prior to your rental session. Use of a brand of thread not sold by Capital Quilts must be approved by Capital Quilts.




We reserve the right to decline any improperly prepared quilt.








If you love longarming, consider joining our Longarmer's Club and/or the ProStitcher Club!  $65 per club gives you 12 club meetings, jam-packed with information, camaraderie, and fun!





Video on how to load a quilt on the Handi Quilter frame
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