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It's The Larry Sheckman Show at Capital Quilts!

Dear Quilting Friends,

It's your last chance to sign up for the Larry Sheckman Show!
Larry Sheckman, manufacturers’ rep for several companies, will be here tonight (Monday, 5/9) at 7pm to show us some of the newest fabrics from Timeless Treasures and, if we are lucky, some of his other lines.  Think of this as a mini Quilt Market preview.

Larry has been in the fabric industry for a whole lot of years and has witnessed many changes in the industry.  He has lots of stories to tell.  He is also a designer; if you’ve used P&B’s Bear Essentials or Timeless Treasures’ white-on-white fabrics, chances are you have used Larry’s designs
.  As the go-between for the fabric shops and the designers and manufacturers, and a designer himself, he has a unique perspective on what the trends are and what customers like to purchase and make.  I am sure it will be a fascinating evening!  The event includes a beverage and light eats (crackers and cheese, peanuts, that sort of thing).  We will cap attendance at 50.  Cost is only$5.  Please register ASAP so we can plan enough refreshments for everyone.

I do hope you'll join us!

Go ‘n’ piece,

Alison Zacharkiw

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