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What's New at CQ 08/07/20

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision." Dalai Lama

Make this quilt!

Click here for the kit.


Dear Makers,

I confess to a bout of writer’s block this week. I told my Seattle daughter about this last night (she having called to confirm that she had not lost her parents to a wayward flash flood), and she suggested that as nothing was new, seemingly ever, that I write about that. She is working from home, with two cats for daily company. She has to remind herself to drive her car every now and again so that the oil does not congeal. She doesn’t sew (I did try). I gather that reading and streaming movies are getting old. She went to her office when it “opened” a week or so ago to get some things she had left behind in March; she had to call a coworker to meet her there because she has lost her key. She reports that it was like a time capsule; all the calendars were set to March, and nobody was there. Hello, anybody out there?

I, too, feel like I am on a loop: work, eat, sleep, repeat. Kat asked me when we get a vacation. There was a slight pause, then we started to belly laugh. Vacation. Right. Would somebody please hurry up that vaccine? I love the shop and being here, but it is exhausting most days, and there never seems to be enough time or energy to do other things, like go to the zoo or do some serious gardening. Please excuse my kvetching.

I am sure this mess will end someday. History gives us hope. I will not have to wear a mask to the end of my days (will I?). Things could be worse, after all; we could be living in Beirut. So let us maintain a cheerful outlook and carry on. Find a funny book or movie. Everything is better if you laugh out loud. Read The Story of More by Hope Jahren. Anybody have any other books they’ve enjoyed recently? Let me know and I’ll put the titles out there!

Okay, carrying on. We are beginning to get some sewing machines from Janome. Now in stock: MyStyle100 (1); 1050 (2); 1600P-QC (1); and Skyline S7 (1). We have two sergers in stock, the AirThread 2000 (2) and the 634D (1). Please contact the shop for pricing. The MyStyle and 1050 are inexpensive as sewing machines go.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new Janome sewing machine, please let me know as soon as you can. I need to place the order so that we get in the queue. Lots of people all around the world have discovered or rediscovered the pleasures of sewing and are wanting new machines. The factories for all the brands are having trouble keeping up. I’ve got some on order and will be getting more, but if you want a particular machine, do let me know!

We are preparing a few Zoom quilt classes! Julie Taylor and Betsy Kulamer will be teaching them. Stay tuned for dates and times.

To those of you who are new to sewing or coming back after a long hiatus, please know that we are here to help you in any way we can. We love to answer questions, give tips and helpful hints, and smooth the way for you.
We really and truly appreciate your patronage and your patience through this pandemic. Your support has been awesome. You are truly the best customers ever!

Go ‘n’ Piece,


We continue to offer shopping by appointment here in the shop, and remain closed to casual walk-in traffic. Please click here to make an appointment. Need more than 25 minutes?  Book 2 consecutive time slots!  Please be sure to carefully read all the rules we have around in-store shopping, and know that the staff is wiping down surfaces frequently with disinfectant.

Pro shopping tip: if you know you need needles, elastic, thread, or other items that do not require an in-person appointment, go ahead and order them online!. Specify curbside pickup, and you can pick those things up when you come for your appointment, and then you can spend all your time enjoying the fabric!

If you are unable to come to your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can fill that time slot.

We are collecting scrub caps for nurses and respiratory therapists at a local hospital.  Wearing PPE all day can be depressing, and medical workers love to perk up their day with happy or silly scrub caps.  The requesting doctor received one from her mother that she loves! She made a few more for herself, and knowing what a lift it gives her, is hoping to share the love. There is no restriction on the pattern to use, but she likes Milly's Tie Scrub Hat Pattern from Brimming with Love. It's a woman's hat with enough room to tuck long hair up into. Twelve Bees has a great video and pattern for making a men's scrub hat. (Not necessarily men, but for people with short hair.) 2 hats from just a hair over a 1/3 of a yard. (12.5 inches) 

We also have free pillowcase kits available that you can sew at home. They are a wonderful beginner project to do with children. The kiddos will learn some sewing skills and stay busy, too! We can mail them to you or you can pick them up curbside. Return the finished pillowcases to the shop (when you can; there is no rush), and we will donate them to Ryan’s Case for Smiles when the appropriate time comes.

Small Kennel Quilts are always accepted for donation. These small quilts are sent to shelters and rescues all over the country, and are a great beginner project, or a way to practice your free motion quilting skills. We just received requests from from shelters taking in animals displaced by Isaias.

For those of you who are computer-challenged, click here for a quick tutorial on getting to and through our online shop using a laptop or desktop computer. (Smart phones and tablet screens may vary.)

We have had a few people call to say that they are having trouble getting PayPal to work or to make a selection or are having other issues when they use the Capital Quilts online store. If this happens to you, try refreshing your browser. That often solves the problem. Don’t forget to click on “I am not a robot”, and select the method of delivery (shipping/curbside), too. If you continue to have a problem, please contact the shop at 301-527-0598.

We have all made a mask or two (or 50, or 200, or…), and would like to share our favorite patterns, and some tips and tricks we’ve discovered along the way. Click here for all the details! (By the way, some of our customers are now offering completed masks for sale on our website, if you aren't interested in sewing one yourself.)

Bill Nye the Science Guy has posted a video in which he demonstrates how to test the efficacy of your mask. Put your mask on and light a candle. Try to blow the candle out. If the flame wavers or goes out, your mask is not working. Dispose of it or add a filter and test again.

We recently started listing all mask-making supplies in a single category to make them easier to find online.  Click here to see all the currently available items. (Updated each and every time we get in a new product!)

Mask Kits for personal use:
Kits are currently available! They contain all the materials (pre-cut fabric, twist ties for nose wires, cotton twill tape for fabric ties, and pattern with tips and tricks) required to make either 5 or 10 at a time. These kits are not intended to be used to make masks for donating to medical facilities, but are perfect for the “shoppers’ masks” now required to be worn in public in our area. Click here to order.

Not interested in making your own masks?  No worries!  We have several local quilters and crafters selling their masks through our website.  Multiple styles and prints are available, including NEW communicator masks for those who need others to see their mouth (lip reading or smiling!).  

We are able to accept all brands of sewing machines for cleaning and tune-ups. To take advantage of this service, go to our website and sign up for machine repair. Bring your machine to the shop. We will take it in and wipe it down with a disinfectant (safe for sewing machines). We will let you know it is ready for pick-up and wipe it down again before we give it to you. Our technicians are working as quickly as they can, but both have essential day jobs. Machine servicing wait time is currently estimated at 2-3 weeks after drop-off.

If your machine is broken, be sure to write that in the notes section. We are not always able to get parts for machines other than Janome, but we will contact you before proceeding. If you want the technician to call you with an estimate before making the repair, please put that in the notes section as well.


We are so in love with Fox Wood by Betsy Olmsted for Windham Fabrics! A modern twist on classic bucolic life, this fabric line celebrates the coziness of the countryside. From the pasture to the woods with a hint of tweed, this colorful collection redefines traditional charm. $12.50 per yard.

Art quilters take note: inspired by the wilderness of Australia Denise Burkitt created Fancy Free to capture the red and orange earth, and the grey blue greens of foliage. $13.50 per yard.

More new mask-making supplies have arrived.  We now have pre-cut soft ear loops with adjusters in black, white, royal blue, pink, grey, baby blue, marigold, carnation pink, and apple green.  Look for more new colors in a few days, too!  $5.99 for a package of 10.  Create a more breathable mask with a mask bracket!  The bracket clips to the inside of your mask, moving fabric away from your mouth and nose. The bracket is washable, and can be moved from mask to mask.  $4.99 each.



Batting Bonanza: August 7-17, 2020, purchase a new Handi Quilter and receive FREE batting, up to a $700 value! Click here for details.

Tune in to the Handi Quilter Facebook page every Tuesday at 2pm EDT for their Shop@Home Event, which features tips, tricks, and tutorials on Handi Quilter products with limited-time special pricing and a give-away to a random live attendee. They announce a special on a different machine or accessory each week. If you can’t watch the Tuesday event, go to the HQ website and enjoy the “And I Quilt” series of videos. You can still get the special pricing on the week’s product through Sunday.

This week, the High Lights are being offered at a special price. These are LED lights that are on adjustable poles and arch up over your sewing area. They come in sizes small enough to fit the Capri (5’) and large enough to fit the biggest quilting machine (8’/10’; add a High Light 2 for 12’ frames).


Meet the Janome Skyline S5! TThe Skyline S5 includes the features to take your sewing to a new level. A spacious bed provides room for larger quilting and home dec projects while its easy convenience features like Automatic Thread Cutter and Memorized Needle Up/Down will save you time and make your sewing easier. This computerized machine has top of the line features at a mid-level price. Take your sewing to new heights with the Skyline S5.
If you would like to buy a different model that we do not have in stock, Janome will ship the new machine directly to your home so you don’t have to come out to pick it up. The shipping fee varies depending on which model you select.


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