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What's New at CQ 2/25/21

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela


Make this quilt!

Click here for more details.


Dear Sewing Phenoms,

You are reading the written word of a vaccinated person! My husband and I drove to Six Flags in Largo to get our first doses. We found it very easy; it is highly organized, with the National Guard keeping things running smoothly. You are automatically given an appointment for your second dose when you make arrangements for the first one.

Would you like to quilt your own quilt on the shop’s Amara or Moxie? They are available to rent. Take a one-on-one class with Carmen Sesvold for $50 to get certified or re-certified. The rental fee for the machine is $20/hour. Please call me at 301-527-0598 to make arrangements for the certification. If you have been longarm quilting all during the last year at other locations and do not feel that you need to be recertified, please contact me at the same number.

Lauren Kingsland will be teaching a class in the shop on April 10 called “Flash Story Quilts”. See below for more details. And check out the Six Word Memoir website; it’s really fun!

We’ve scheduled a T-Shirt Quilt class for April 13 & 27, from 11:30-1:30 both days. This class will be taught in the shop. See below.

Our next Complete Course of Quilting for beginning quilters starts on April 21. This is a 10-week long course designed for those who are new to quilting or who feel they would like to brush up on their basic skills. We expect to still be doing Zoom classes in April. This one meets from 6:30 to 8:30 on Wednesday evenings and is taught by Betsy Kulamer. Sign up online, in the shop, or by calling 301-527-0598.

Capital Quilts has teamed up with Sew Steady and Westalee Rulers to bring you virtual quilting classes! These classes are designed to teach you how to quilt on your home machines, using rulers and templates to give your project a professional finish. Our first class is a FREEBIE! It is on Tuesday, March 2, 2-4pm. Participate from home: no masks, no social distancing. The Ruler Work for Beginners class is given on YouTube; you don’t even have to worry about zooming! The class is recorded and you can access it for 30 days following the class. This means you can watch the instructor live, then use the recording to practice the skills and techniques on your sewing machine for the rest of the month. This is a beginning class. More advanced classes will follow. Click here to register for Ruler Work for Beginners!

Keeping with our quilting education theme, we are also having a Handi Quilter event, by Zoom, the last weekend in March. This 3-day event focuses on Pro-Stitcher and Pro-Stitcher Designer. Diane Henry, Handi Quilter National Educator and Pro-Stitcher wiz, is our instructor. The first day, Thursday, March 25, Diane will have two classes about Pro-Stitcher. The 1st, an introduction to Pro-Stitcher, is a prerequisite for the 2nd one, which goes into more depth about the program. The second and third days, March 26 & 27, are dedicated to Pro-Stitcher Designer; you must take the 1st, introductory class on Friday morning in order to take any or all of the other three classes. In addition, Diane will teach a one-hour long class on Pro-Stitcher Catalog, HQ’s new software for organizing and retrieving your collection of quilting designs, on Friday, and a one-hour long class on how to lay out a quilting design over your entire quilt top and then stitch it out on Saturday. Diane has found that Zoom is the perfect medium for software classes. You will be able to see her screen clearly and up close as she talks about the program. You don’t have to worry about weather or traffic or wearing a mask! Each of the 2-hour classes is $30, and each of the 1-hour classes is $15. Class size is limited to 20. More detailed information about the classes is available on our website: go to the Calendar and click on March 25, 26, and 27.

It is time once again to let the world know what your favorite quilt shop is! ByAnnie is running their annual Local Quilt Shop Contest, this year sponsored by 4 fabric companies, Blank, FreeSpirit, StudioE, and Henry Glass. The winning quilt shop, based on number of votes cast, will win a $2400 store credit at those four companies (all of which we carry) and from ByAnnie. This is a lovely prize, and I hope you will all cast a vote for Capital Quilts and help make us a winner. Just go to to vote. Only three days left! Thank you!!!

Day of the Dead CHALLENGE!

It seems I have inadvertently ordered 2 bolts of Day of the Dead Dog fabric. Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated on November 1 & 2. Google tells us “Assured that the dead would be insulted by mourning or sadness, the day celebrates the lives of the deceased with food, drink, parties, and activities the dead enjoyed in life.” I am issuing a Challenge to all you quilters out there: $8 gets you a yard of Day of the Dead Dog fabric. Make a quilt that is at least 20” square that speaks to the Day of the Dead holiday. How do you honor the lives of deceased loved ones? Perhaps you would remember a deceased pet. Quilts are due October 15. Please be sure to put a hanging sleeve on the back, either sewn on or pinned on with safety pins. The sleeve should be at least 4” wide and one inch shorter than the width of the quilt. 

Click HERE to join the fun!


Shopping at Capital Quilts: Please give us a call at 301-527-0598 if you’d like to make an appointment to come shop in the store. You can usually get in the same day. We are no longer making appointments online, only by phone. I’d like to be able to open the shop entirely, but I still feel the need to control the number of people in it in order to protect both you and us. The virus numbers are rising again, there seem to be new, more transmissible mutations around, and we want to reduce the odds anybody in our quilting and sewing community gets COVID-19. Remember that if anybody on the CQ Staff comes down with the virus, we will have to completely close the shop for at least 10 days, as we will all have been exposed.

If you are exposed to the virus and/or get a positive COVID-19 test result, please do not come to the shop, and if you have been to the shop while you may have been infectious, please call the shop so that we may let others know. There is nothing political about this, and there is no judgment from us. We just want to do our best to help stop the virus from spreading and protect our friends and families and community.

We really and truly appreciate your continued patronage and your patience through this pandemic. Your support has been, and continues to be, awesome. You are truly loyal friends! Keep wearing those masks! When your number comes up, get that vaccine! Stay safe.

Go ‘n’ Piece,


We are having most classes via Zoom. We will make the virtual classes as easy as we can for you, sending you a link to the Zoom class. All you have to do is add the Zoom app to your computer, iPad, or other device so that you can open the link and participate in the class.

Class size will be limited. As before COVID, you can sign up online, by phone, or in the shop if you are here on a shopping appointment. Class descriptions are found below and on our website. Each class will have a supply list; look for this on our website: click on “Class Calendar in the blue bar at the top of the home page. Find the class on the calendar and click on that, then scroll down to the bottom left of the page to find “Supply List” and click on that.

For classes we may have in the shop, we require that you wear a mask during the class and social distance as much as possible. Each person will have their own table. We will also take your temperature when you enter the shop and ask that you use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water.

The Longarm and Pro-Stitcher Clubs will meet on the first Saturday of each month in 2021. We will continue to meet via Zoom, until such time as we can once again meet in the shop. Barbara Bean and Elyse Turkeltaub have done a great job of continuing the clubs during the COVID crisis. Thank you, ladies! Members of the clubs enjoy a 10% discount on Handi Quilter items purchased in the shop on the first weekend of each month. If you can’t make it into the shop, please call us at 301-527-0598 to make your purchase.

NEW! Pro-Stitcher Design Club This new club will begin meeting via Zoom in April. It is designed for people who own Pro-Stitcher Designer and are looking for an exchange of ideas, answers to questions, the forum to ask questions, and the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. It is open to quilters of all levels. The club will meet on the third Saturday of each month from 10 to 12. Elyse Turkletaub is hosting. Sign up online, in the shop, or by calling 301-527-0598.

QUILTING CLASSES: Currently most classes are ZOOM classes. You must download the Zoom app/client, and you will need a camera/webcam, microphone, and speakers as well as an internet connection. On the day of the class, you’ll receive an email with a link to the Zoom meeting. Please confirm that Capital Quilts has your current email address and phone number.

Sew Together: Ask an Expert Tired of sewing alone? Join fellow quilters for a virtual quilting bee. Settle into your favorite sewing space with your favorite Zoom-compatible technology for 2-1/2 hours of stitching and chatting. Everyone will have a chance to talk about what they’ve been working on and pose questions to the other quilters. No masks required! Each month, we are inviting a guest who is expert in some aspect of quilting and needlework to join us to answer questions about his or her specialty.

March 5: our very own Kat Martinez loves improv quilting and shares her knowledge and experience with you.

April 2: Sue Fierston, president of the Nature Printing Society, talks about leaf and fish printing on fabric.

May 14: SherriJoyce King immerses us in the world of Dear Jane quilts, where blocks from an 1863 sampler inspire classic and modern expression.

June 4: Beth Morningstar, an accomplished longarm quilter, answers questions about sending quilt tops to be quilted on a longarm machine.

July 2: Marianne Losey, one of Capital Quilts’ sewing machine technicians, provides tips to help you be your sewing machine’s best friend.

     Skill Level: any
     Instructor/Moderator: Betsy Kulamer
     Class Size: max. 18
     Cost: $8
     Time and Date: 6:30-9 on dates listed above.

Flash Story Quilts In this hands-on quilt workshop inspired by the “6 Word Memoir” project, we will capture quick images of personal stories in quilted wall hangings. Before class, select a moment in your life to portray, and write several very short word stories about it. Keep it very simple and focus on an object that is part of your story. Take a picture of that object and print it out. Fusing will allow you to applique shapes quickly. Embroidered details will emphasize essential ideas. You may choose to include found objects like jewelry or trinkets. For more information on the 6 word story, see

This class will be taught in the shop (not Zoom). Well-fitted masks must be worn.
     Instructor: Lauren Kingsland
     Class Size: Max. 5
     Cost: $25
     Time and Date: 1-2:30 on Saturday, April 10.

T-Shirt Quilt Make a t-shirt quilt using beloved and/or new t-shirts. You’ll learn how to stabilize your t-shirts, determine how best to cut them for blocks, and how to put them into a design for your quilt top. Great for graduation presents or memory quilts!

This class will be taught in the shop (not Zoom). Well-fitted masks must be worn.
     Instructor: Deb Ball
     Class Size: Max. 5
     Cost: $45
     Time and Date: 11:30-1:30 on Wednesday, April 13 and 27.

Walk About  This is the perfect pattern for highlighting your favorite large print fabric. It is fast and straightforward, great for beginners and for making a quick gift. The darker sashing resembles a pathway set among garden blocks, or take a walk on the wild side and use an animal print. Make a child’s quilt and applique animals in the large blocks. It would also be wonderful for unusual fabrics, such as the Aboriginals. The possibilities are endless!
     Skill Level: Intermediate
     Instructor: Julie Taylor
     Class Size: max. 20
     Cost: $65
     Time and Dates: 9-12, Saturday, April 24

Demystifying EQ8 Learn how to design your own quilts using computer software. Import existing fabrics, make or modify blocks, resize, add borders, play with color…there is so much you can do! In this class, meant for beginners, you’ll learn the basics of how the program works and what the various buttons and functions are.

This is a ZOOM class. You must be comfortable using a computer, and you must have the EQ8 program loaded on your computer. Please contact the shop to purchase EQ8, as I do not stock them and must order one for you. Allow a couple of weeks at least. Thanks!
     Skill Level: beginner
     Instructor: Elyse Turkletaub
     Class Size: max. 6
     Cost: $45
     Time and Dates: 12-3 on March 20


Red Alert is a modern red, white and black fabric collection. With a more contemporary and minimalistic touch, the designs vary from florals to geometrics.  $12.50 per yard.

Dragonflies and butterflies flutter by on gossamer wings in a gorgeous collection of flowers, modern textures and medallions. Gossamer Garden truly is a spectrum of color. This range is illustrated in a watercolor technique and displays vibrant color. $12.50 per yard.

Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, the design elements of this batik collection convey the movement seemingly found in the display of lights and galaxy motifs. Soft pastels, crisp periwinkle, midnight blues and bright greens offer brilliant contract between light and dark.  $13.99 per yard.

Deal yourself a quilt challenge with these delightful blocks to create dynamic quilts. Featuring 50 4” x 4” cards, the possibilities are endless to create your unique quilt and are great for planning different options and layouts. Based on the best-selling series Quick & Easy Block Tool, this set is perfect to spur your creativity with quilt blocks. The card deck also makes for a thoughtful gift and an ideal project for you and your quilty friends to each work on a block for your next quilting bee. Unplug with these cards and do some hands-on quilt design! $14.95

The #1 complaint of quilters? Mastering effective color combinations. The Quilter's Field Guide to Color is a practical guide showing effective and not so effective color combinations. Each chapter will call readers to use the skills they learn through an optional series of 'Patchwork Challenges' which can be used to create a quilt by the book's completion. Along the way, readers will be guided through fabric auditions so that readers can ask themselves questions for evaluating their own fabric pulls. Forget the dry color theory! This book is fun, conversational, practical and beautifully inspiring. A one-of-a-kind resource for modern quilters. Hands-on exercises with a true workbook approach. Real modern fabric pulls to help evaluate choices 150-color swatch card include to replicate the author's process. Optional Project Blocks for each section to use as inspiration or to create a quilt by the end of the book.  MSRP $30.00, CQ price only $27.00.

We've kitted our version of Carl Hensch's Rain Chain quilt using Clothwork's Thistle Patch fabrics.  Quilt finishes at 54" x 63".  $107.99 gets you all the pattern and all fabric needed for the top and binding of this quilt.  


Janome is having a RED TAG SALE from Monday, January 7 – Sunday, February 28! Score one of these great deals:

MC 15000: Save $2,000.
     Includes the following gifts: Horizon Rolling Cart, Hilos Iris 100 best polyester thread, and the Janome Artistic Digitizer.

Continental M7 Professional: Save $1,000.
     Includes the gift of an M7 table, a $699 value.

MC 9450: Save $1,500.
     Includes the gift of a Universal table, a $599 value.

AirThread 2000D: Save $300. This is the newest Janome serger, with a built-in one-push air threading system an 8-piece feed dog, and a built-in needle threader. We have these in stock.

Contact the shop to purchase any of these machines.

Artistic Digitizer: Are you the proud owner of an Artistic Digitizer? Janome has announced an update, to version 1.6. You can download the update from the Artistic Digitizer page on the Janome website.

Tune in to the Handi Quilter Facebook page every Tuesday at 2pm EDT for Handi Quilter’s Watch and Learn Quilting Show, which features tips, tricks, and tutorials on Handi Quilter products with limited-time special pricing and a give-away to a random live attendee. They announce a special on a different machine or accessory each week. If you can’t watch the Tuesday show, go to the HQ website and enjoy the “And I Quilt” series of videos. You can still get the special pricing on the week’s product through Sunday.

There are no specials during the week of March 2-7. Keep an eye out for a couple of nice promotions starting March 10!

Longarm quilters: there is a new website you should check out! It’s and it is all quilting designs to view and purchase. The digital products include several file types and are intended for robotic quilting systems (not just Handi Quilter). There is an option to join a club and automatically receive new designs every month plus get a discount on other designs throughout the site.

Handi Quilter has launched a new program called Pro-Stitcher Catalog. Get it through the Handi Quilter website. The program will store, organize, and give you a quick way to find your designs. Heaven on Earth! Use the code HQ1498 to get a $10 discount. You’ll also be supporting Capital Quilts, as we will then get a commission from Handi Quilter. Diane Henry will be teaching a class on this software on Friday, March 26, 3:15-4:15. 

Our Handi Quilter Moxie is now fully functional and ready for you to come try. I’ve sold one to a quilter who already owns a Fusion. She said she wants to use it for free motion quilting while the ProStitcher on her Fusion is working on another project. The Moxie is very light compared to the bigger machines and is easy to move around, with less stress to your joints. You can also put a Simply Sixteen on a Loft frame (the one the Moxie uses). You’ll get a little more quilting space and a more sophisticated machine on the smaller frame. If you already have a Simply Sixteen and want to move up to the Loft frame, you can do that, too.

I have a Moxie in stock: take home a longarm quilting machine today! Get one year’s free membership in our Longarm Club!

Also on display is the Handi Quilter Capri, a stationary, sit-down quilting machine. It is right next to the registers. This machine has the smallest footprint of the longarm machines and is most like your sewing machine in terms of feel. Rather than move the machine over the fabric as you do on the machines that have a frame, you move the fabric under the needle on the Capri. Have a seat and give it a try!


Wish Table Sale: Buy a Wish Table and get the Grid Glider for just $1! The table is 22.5” x 25.5”, with beveled edges, a blue drawer for notions, holes and a tool for circle sewing, and a table lock. The Grid Glider, valued at $25, offers all the right markings to make sewing easier and adds a slick sewing surface, especially good for free motion quilting. MSRP: $224. Capital Quilts price: $199 plus $1 for the Grid Glider.

The next QOV Workshop is on Friday, March 19, 1-4. This is a free in-shop event limited to 5 people.

Thanks to those who have donated kennel quilts in the last few weeks! Keep them coming.  If you are willing to help, please make more for us! Find the directions here. Please be careful of the dimensions of the little quilts; too big or too small and we can’t send them. Drop them off “curbside” at the shop; no need to make an appointment (unless you want to shop, of course!).

We have both pillowcase and kennel quilt kits available, free. Make them at home and return the completed project to us for distribution.

Thanks to your generosity with your time, fabric, and sewing skills, we were recently able to send out 120 Small Kennel Quilts, and 138 pillowcases to animal shelters and Ryan's Case for Smiles respectively. 


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