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BK- The Quilting Power Grid: A Design Skillbook for Beginning Modern Quilters

The perfect spiral-bound resource for designing template-free geometric modern quilts. "Kudos to Sandra Sider, for bringing simple tools to guide quilters to the playful side of design! Understanding 'the grid' can turn a simple square into a personal expression!" —designer Victoria Findlay Wolfe The resource for a lifetime of planning and designing template-free geometric modern quilts. As a foundational guide, accompanies any other book in the quilter's shopping basket. This compact treasure is like many of the best things in life: simple. Designing a successful geometric quilt can be easy if a proportional sense of design is used, and in these pages, you'll hone that sense and use it for years to come. Tap into the power of grids and color for modern quilts so you can take basic design principles into your own hands. With clear and concise guidance, you'll learn how to build various types of grids and how to subvert them for dynamic compositions. The 50 quilt-top projects serve as learning examples and are very easy to cut and sew. They're constructed by piecing squares and rectangles in horizontal or vertical rows. Thanks to the grid's power, all you need are the required yardages and piecing instructions. Take the grid out to play!

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